This award offers four main categories, and entrants may participate in more than one category, but separate entries are required for each category.

A. Community Building

A1. Corporate Community Partnership
This award recognises business organisations who partner not-for-profit, non-governmental organisations, and community-based organisations to support CSR programmes with funding and product or service grants, employee volunteerism and expertise.

A2. Public Health Initiative
This award honours a company that has embedded health into the CSR DNA of business operations and systems – for the good of the business as well as for the health of workers and the community. The approach should focus on the initiatives and programme that has been developed to educate its workforce and the community on health and well-being.

A3. Workplace and Human resource
This award recognises a company that has policies and programs in place that reflect its respect and regard for its employees. This would include policies that promote diversity in the workplace, family-friendly policies, regard for work-life balance of employees, health and wellness, privacy, employee training, and fostering lifelong learning.

A4. Caring For The Needy Communities
The jury will be looking for companies whose programmes are aimed at helping the underprivileged: low-income families, persons with disabilities (PWDs), disaster-stricken areas overseas. Initiatives should assist them in improving their livelihood, for instance, accessibility to resources, employability, social mobility, psychological aid.

B. Cause

B1. Engagement & Communication
The jury for this sub-category will look at how business organizations use creative means to engage and communicate CSR initiatives and achievements with stakeholders – employees, customers, vendors and the community at large.

B2. Culture, Arts, Music Programmes
In judging this sub-category, the jury will be looking at how organisations focus on culture, arts and music projects to create a gracious multi-racial society, the opportunity to learn from one another and reach out to the disadvantaged community.

B3. Branding
CSR can work to establish a brand as a good corporate citizen. In this sub-category, the jury will be looking at how imaginative branding forges a true emotional connection between a brand and its customers to support a cause that reflects the brand’s core values and the passions of customers and consumers.

B4. Education
It is widely accepted that the best way to assist the community is through education, capacity building or mentorship schemes. The jury will be looking for companies with an educational mission. Examples include strengthening the civil society in Singapore by building the capacity of social enterprises, Voluntary Welfare Organizations (VWOs), etc.

C. Environment

C1. Clean Technology
Entries should portray the utilisation of clean technology that describes products or services that improve operational performance, productivity, or efficiency while reducing costs, inputs, energy consumption, waste, or pollution.

C2. Water Management
Being a valuable and scarce resource of Singapore, the jury will look out for companies/individuals who practices good water management, applies innovative approaches to reduce water use, or organises water-centric programmes for the community. The entries should include efforts in protecting and raising awareness of Singapore’s precious water resources.

C3. Green Building, Planning & Built Environment
Entries should demonstrate the innovative design process and efficient construction practices of sustainable city planning, urban design, architecture, landscape architecture and interior design, etc. Emphasis on how the strategic design solutions can play an important role to improve the lives of people in the world, from re-thinking of compact cities, smart buildings, ecological landscape, to the use of materials in interior design. They aggregately contribute towards socially responsible built-environment.

C4. Sustainable Environment Program
Entries in this sub-category should highlight efforts of a company’s long-term pledge to the environment in their business. The programme can be new or on- going, with evidences of enforcements in place for all or most segments of their value chain. An impressive programme will be a competitive edge to customers who are environmentally conscious.

D. Design

D1. Product
This sub-category looks at innovative product designs where its creation and/or usage will bring about positive impact(s) that extend beyond the user, either directly or indirectly. Products that utilise environmentally-friendly materials or that are designed to be sustainably manufactured and/ or recycled will be good plus points.

D2. Graphic & Communication
Judges will be looking for good communicational designs aimed at projecting CSR-themed ideas with the apt usage of visuals and copywriting. Content should contain inspirational, motivational messages behind them that seek to raise awareness and promote a cause of action. Excellent content must show evidence on the changes in behaviour it has brought about.

D3. Architecture & Landscape Design
Entries should show good urban designs comprising smart solutions, such as buildings that are of high architectural quality with low energy consumption, innovative thinking behind structures, intelligent use of materials, good town planning and land use, etc. The designs should bring about a positive impact on the environment, their users, and facilitate sustainable use of the spaces.


Award Criteria

Judges will be looking for organizations that can provide strong evidence of leveraging on creativity to differentiate their CSR initiatives, and clearly demonstrate the impact and results achieved


Corporate Awards
Best of Category award presented to the entry that garners the most number of points in each of the 4 judging categories. See below for details.

Best of Show Award
This top award cannot be directly entered into. Presented to the entry that is the most creative, impactful and sustainable CSR programme. Must have scored the highest points in terms of originality in strategy, execution and effectiveness in results.

Special: Best Youth Award
Presented to the Youth entry with the most number of points.

All awards will be announced and presented dur ing the DesignS Gala Dinner & Awards Night (SingaPlural 2016) in March 2016. All entrants will be informed.

Judging Criteria

Entries will be given a score out of 100 points.

The jury will be looking for the following to assess the quality of each entry:

Impact on the community (30%)
- What is the direct impact of the programme on its target communities?

Creativity (40%)
– How novel was the core idea, strategy and execution that differentiates your CSR initiative from other programmes?

Sustainability (30%)
– Does the programme demonstrate long-term sustainability and continuous commitment?
– Does the programme demonstrate a clear implementation process to ensure continuity?

The Jury's decision is final.