Rules & Eligibility

  1. The bulk of all CSR initiatives must be conceived in Singapore, and the project or programme must have taken place, in the local/regional context between 1st January 2013 to 30th December 2015.
  2. All entries must be accompanied by a crossed cheque covering all fees for the entries and made payable to The 4As Limited. Entries will only be officially accepted when The 4As receives the cheque payment. All fees are non-refundable & non-transferable.
  3. The organiser may request for verification or further evidence of authenticity. Non-verified entries may be disqualified without explanation.
  4. All submission materials will be retained by the organiser. The organiser reserves the right to use or reproduce the work of all accepted entries for the awards presentation ceremony, and in any other industry related or educational programmes and activities.
  5. On all matters pertaining to judging, the decision of the Jury Panel is final. On all other matters, the organiser’s decision is final.

Deadline & Entry Fees

Submission Deadline (early bird):
18th December 2015, Wednesday, 4:00pm

Submission Deadline:
27th January 2016, Wednesday, 5:00pm

Deadline extended! Submission Deadline (late fees waived):
15th February 2016, Monday, 4:00pm

Entry Corporate
SGD (Per entry)
Youth (25 and under)
SGD (Per entry)
Entry Fee
For each entry
$620.60 $160.50
Member/Partner Discount
For DesignS1 & Strategic Partner of CSR 20162 (refer to list below)
$128.40 off N.A
Bulk Entry Discount
For 3 or more entries
$64.20 off N.A
Early Bird Discount
For each entry received before 18 Dec 2015
$64.20 off $64.20 off
Late Penalty Fee
For each entry received after 27 Jan 2016
$107 $32.10

Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Singapore
Singapore Furniture Industries Council
Singapore Institute of Architects
Singapore Institute of Planners
The Design Society
Interior Design Confederation (Singapore)
Design Business Chambers Singapore
Singapore institute of Landscape Architects
Textile & Fashion Federation (Singapore)

2Strategic Partners of CSR 2016
CSR Works
Global Compact Network Singapore
Global SEnSE
Singapore Environment Council
Singapore Kindness Movement
Singapore Red Cross


How to Enter

Prepare a written submission, not exceeding 500 words, and/or show examples of your work. Wherever applicable, do indicate the beneficiaries/partners/organisation involved through videos, audio clips, presentation boards, web addresses & URLs. Your submission must also explain to the jury the purpose and scope of your CSR project or programme.

Submission Write-up should include:
1. Introduction
2. Goals
3. Strategy
4. Execution
5. Evaluation
6. Results
7. Testimonials from third parties or stakeholders (if available)

What to Submit

Submission Checklist:

  • Entry Form
  • Payment Form
  • Submission Write-up
  • Supporting Materials* (please submit 3 hard copies in A4)
  • Payment Cheque

  • *Supporting materials, to be submitted in CD/Drive format, should show evidence of the success of your work.
  • It can be any of the following: videos, direct web addresses/URL s, evidence of results, brand media coverage, clippings, photos, research documents and testimonials. All images should be in JPEG format, videos not exceeding 2 minutes in MOV format; radio clips in WAV format; presentation boards in A2 size in hard copy.

How to Submit

Please send a soft copy of the Entry and Payment Forms to with subject “Singapore Creative CSR Awards 2016

Hard copies of all documents, supporting materials and cheque payment of entry fees payable to The 4As Limited shall be couriered to:

Singapore Creative CSR Award Secretariat
c/o Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Singapore,
38A North Canal Road, Singapore 059294